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When I first started working I had thoughts of earning hundreds of dollars and being able to buy all the things I desired, go to restaurants with my friends, fill up my gas tank and take drives to have adventures, and go to concerts, but that didn't occur. Instead, I realized that I barely had enough money to have any fun after buying the things I needed and putting gas in my car for school and work, I actually didn't have much money.

I needed to make a change. And although I received a raise at my job I still didn't have much. Several of my friends were buying items online so I quickly realized that I could be the seller. I had already set up accounts online to shop so I decided to sell as well. And I did! Over the years because I shop at Thrift stores, I had accumulated quite a lot of vintage clothes so I'm doing quite well for myself. Even my mom gives me some of her items to sale. Now I have several accounts on different websites like Mercari, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace and Esty. I believe that because I have these buying and selling experiences my financial education has had a great start. It has taught me to be more detailed. Also, I never forget to read the fine print, because I was burned a few times before I became a pro at it.

I have learned to prioritize what I need versus what I want. I have learned that with buying power comes responsibility and If you sell something you should send it right away as you would want that done for you. I have also learned that if you don't do things the correct way you could lose your money and no one wants that. There may be hiccups in the beginning but if you keep a very detailed account of what's coming in and going out, your bottom line numbers should be exact. In my economics class, my teacher taught me to budget and save. It is definitely something I need especially because I have the tendency to go over budget. I really have to prioritize need versus want because I usually want to spend my money as soon as I got it. I have learned need over want and also to make a priority for the things I really need. I know that because I've had these financial experiences, I can make more informed choices when buying.


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