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Rusty M. Bresse stands at the forefront of financial innovation as the CEO and Director of two groundbreaking companies, ScoreNavigator Inc. and Credlogix Inc. Renowned for his visionary leadership in the credit industry, Mr. Bresse has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing financial understanding and accessibility. His strategic direction has not only shaped these organizations but also left an indelible mark on the broader credit landscape.

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The foundation of Rusty M. Bresse's illustrious career was laid at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business. This academic pursuit equipped him with a deep understanding of business principles and practices, which later became instrumental in his professional endeavors. His time at Georgia Tech not only honed his business acumen but also instilled in him a forward-thinking approach, crucial for his subsequent ventures in the dynamic world of finance and credit.


Rusty M. Bresse embarked on his professional journey in 1978, delving into the realms of property management and residential real estate. This initial phase of his career was marked by significant achievements and learning experiences. However, it was in 1981 that Mr. Bresse identified a pivotal opportunity at the intersection of real estate and finance. Recognizing the critical role of credit in property transactions, he transitioned his focus towards the financial and credit aspects of the industry. This shift not only showcased his adaptability and foresight but also set the stage for his future groundbreaking contributions to the credit sector.

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Throughout the 1980s, Rusty M. Bresse was a driving force in reshaping the credit industry. His pioneering efforts were centered around educating consumers and businesses about the intricacies of credit laws, bureau strategies, and credit investigations. Crucially, he designed innovative programs that underscored the interdependence of credit and finance. These initiatives played a pivotal role in how credit scoring evolved to become a fundamental element in home and automobile financing. Analyzing over 350,000 credit reports, Mr. Bresse's work laid the groundwork for scoring models that would later revolutionize the market. His insights and innovations during this period cemented his reputation as a trailblazer in the field of credit management.


In his quest to demystify the complexities of credit management, Rusty M. Bresse extended his expertise beyond the corporate realm to author the influential book, "Faith, Family, and Finance - How it affects your credit score." This work reflects not only his deep understanding of credit systems but also his holistic view of financial health. In the book, Mr. Bresse explores the intricate relationship between personal values, family dynamics, and financial decisions, demonstrating how these elements collectively influence one's credit score. His approachable writing style, combined with his profound insights, has made this book an essential guide for anyone looking to navigate the often challenging world of credit and finance. It's a testament to his belief that financial literacy is a key component of empowerment in the modern world.


In a bold career move, Rusty M. Bresse stepped into the Manufactured Home Industry in 1995, assuming the role of CEO/President at Advantage Home Sales Corp. During this tenure, from 1995 to 2000, Mr. Bresse not only excelled in sales and financing but also innovatively applied his credit expertise to this sector. He was instrumental in integrating credit scoring into the financing process, a practice that was gaining momentum at the time. Under his leadership, the company sold and financed over 2,800 homes, a remarkable achievement that underscored the growing significance of credit scoring in financial decisions. His tenure in this industry marked a period of significant growth and was a clear demonstration of his ability to adapt his credit knowledge to diverse sectors.




In 2002, Rusty M. Bresse embarked on a groundbreaking venture by founding the first online credit and financial management company in the United States. This innovative platform was a game-changer, offering consumers 24/7 access to their credit files—a concept that was revolutionary at the time. Mr. Bresse's profound understanding of credit systems and consumer needs fueled the development of this platform. It not only simplified credit monitoring for consumers but also enhanced transparency and control over their financial profiles.

Capitalizing on his extensive experience, Mr. Bresse introduced Point Deduction Technology™ in 2005. This cutting-edge technology, developed after analyzing over 1,000,000 credit files, allowed consumers in both the United States and Canada to directly engage with their credit scores in an unprecedented way. This technology epitomizes Mr. Bresse's commitment to making complex credit information accessible and actionable for the average person, further cementing his status as a pioneer in the field.



Under Rusty M. Bresse's visionary leadership, ScoreNavigator has emerged as a leading entity in the credit industry. This platform has remarkably analyzed over 300 million credit accounts, providing invaluable insights for both consumers and enterprises. Through ScoreNavigator, Mr. Bresse has significantly contributed to enhancing the understanding of credit and financial solutions. The platform's comprehensive analysis tools and resources have empowered individuals and businesses alike to make more informed financial decisions, reflecting Mr. Bresse's enduring commitment to financial education and empowerment. The success of ScoreNavigator stands as a testament to his innovative spirit and his dedication to revolutionizing the way credit information is accessed and utilized.


Beyond his professional accolades, Rusty M. Bresse is deeply rooted in his personal life, which revolves around his family. He is a dedicated husband, a father to six children, and a grandfather to six grandchildren. This aspect of his life is not only a source of joy and pride but also a grounding force that influences his professional ethos. His book, "Faith, Family, and Finance - How it affects your credit score," encapsulates this harmony between his personal values and professional endeavors. Mr. Bresse's commitment to family resonates in his work, advocating for financial strategies that safeguard and enhance the well-being of families. His life story is a compelling blend of professional success and personal fulfillment, serving as an inspiration to many who strive to achieve balance in their own lives.


"Positive credit or lack of positive credit has as much or more impact on your credit than negative credit." 

- Rusty Bresse

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